“The final result could have been boxed-in and constrained, but thanks to the Stupica’s poetic instinct, the poems succeed in conveying a sense of vivid perfection – and of merciless power, written with playful ease. These are poems that breathe, speak, and look the reader straight in the eye without diverting the gaze for a single second. Meeting this look, to be perfectly honest, proves to be a breathtaking experience.” – Swedish literary critic Sebastian Lönnlöv, Svenska Dagbladet daily newspaper

​“Stupica’s material is, one might say, the external world, but her poetic mind is turned inward, analytical, searching. Her poems often bring to mind a kind of seemingly realistic camera shots over a certain place […] but through the phrasing, through the relationship between the various components, the scene deepens into a sort of enigmatic clarity.” – Swedish poet and literary critic Erik Bergqvist, Finnish daily Hufvudstadsbladet

“A socially committed or critical hint can also be traced in the poems depicting the spiritual and conceptual hollowness of modern man, the poems viewing the (art) history from a feminist perspective or tackling social prejudice (female poets, interculturality …).” Diana Pungeršič, Literatura literary magazine



June 19, 2024
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Government Office for Slovenians Abroad, 6 p.m.