CELLO IN THE SUN is performance with violoncellist Igor Mitrović

ANAGRAM is based on poetry from collection Vetrolov (Windcatcher, 2004) written by Lucija Stupica. Two artists, dancer and choreographer Mala Kline and poet Lucija Stupica through creative process unfold words into images and finally embodies them. Anagram is poetry, expanded to hover and resonate in space, only to impront itself on the bodies of its audience and turn into a lasting sensorial memory. VIDEO

THE ISLAND, THE CITY AND OTHERS is a project with the architect and photographer Matej Mljač and musicians from Terrafolk, Bojan Cvetrežnik and Danijel Černe Mystica.

RED LANDSCAPE is a project that combines two different ways of artistic expression: painting and poetry. The former is represented by the exhibition Insight – an Eye into the Soul by Slovenian panter Klementina Golija, the latter by the poet Lucija Stupica and her literary oeuvre. This is not the first time that the two artists work together. They have already joined their artistic and poetic urges, resulting in the project Trivium – Drei Wege. Red Landscape, text by Lucija Stupica, paintings by Klementina Golija, music by Henrik C. Enbohm and performance by Pavel Ocepek. The originally event took place at Cultuurloft in Gent, Belgium.

VANISHING POINTS is a performance with actors Maja Kunšič and Iztok Lužar at the Pocket Theater, Ljubljana, November 2019. In October 2023 some of the poems from the book Vanishing Points were presented as a dance performance at the PUnKt festival in Osijek, Croatia – professional mentors Selma Sauerborn and Maja Đurinović, The Academy of Arts and Culture